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do you realize folds of honor will pay $180,000 to take care of all three of my kids' education? that's what we are here tomorrow to do. we are running to honor all these incredible men like her husband that have made these ache faces for our country. very unapologetically celebrate our freedoms as a nation tomorrow. >> amen. are you raising money tomorrow? >> yes, so our goal, is to raise $26,200. we certainly need all the viewers out there. >> and i know our viewers will want to help. how exactly would they? >> so they can visit folds of and go right to the marathon portal and make a donation and those dollars will go to help lisa's kids go to school. >> lisa, i have got to ask you, what has this relationship meant to you, folds of honor. >> it's been incredible to me. as a parent i'm constantly saying to my kids look them in the eyes and say thank you. every time i pick up my kids from school and they're smiling and their lips are bubbling with the knowledge they learned, i hear and see my country saying thank you. thank you to my kids, my family. and that is paramount.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1